MUSE Kitchen

MUSE School's Kitchen is now the Greenest Restaurant in the World, a 4 Star Certified Green Restaurant® with over 550 GreenPointsTM!
MUSE has implemented two extraordinary steps that bring a restaurant’s environmental impact dramatically down. The first is solar. MUSE’s electricity is 100% solar. The lights, AC, electric cooking equipment, refrigerators, and freezers are all powered by the sun.
The second extraordinary change that MUSE implemented was changing its menu to be low on the food chain, plant-based. That means no cheese, eggs, chicken, beef, or fish. Over an 18-month period, MUSE gradually replaced animal-based menu items with plant-based items while educating its community about the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. This gradual change gave them the opportunity to do it well.
“MUSE School’s Kitchen has just pushed the edge of sustainability even further from vision to reality,” said Michael Oshman, CEO and Founder of the Green Restaurant Association. “I applaud MUSE’s leadership in providing a successful foodservice operation that is in concert with the oft-used word `Sustainability.’”