As a community dedicated to sustainability, MUSE is always looking for ways to conserve the earth's resources.
In 2014, we audited our use of the food, energy and water we use on both of our green campuses.  How were we doing?  How could we do better?
The result was our Food Energy Water (FEW) Report.  The research inspired the following campus improvements:

  • Increased the amount of food grown on campus to reduce food transportation to campus
  • Encouraged carpooling and bus transportation to campus
  • Installed 5 solar Sun Flowers to provide up to 90% of our prime campus' energy
  • Installed water-efficient drip systems for our gardens
  • Monitored these resources daily in our classrooms to foster our student's awareness
  • Mandatory Food Energy Water projects in each MUSE classroom guided by the FEW Report
  • Fully transitioned both campuses to a plant-based snack and lunch program - One Meal a Day for the Planet (OMD) - reducing MUSE's water and carbon footprints