At MUSE, each elementary student is given an opportunity to explore in a developmentally appropriate way, what it means to be an entrepreneur. Teachers provide lessons on goods, services, marketing, and hands-on activities that encourage the understanding of what it takes to create and sell a product or service. 
For those students who are interested in developing a product or service, in-school planning opportunities and teacher mentorship are provided through the business planning process. This process is designed to be student-led; therefore, it can be as grand as their imagination takes them. Once an idea has been developed, and a plan is formulated, the student purchases the materials needed to create their product or support their service.
Students grow their self-efficacy by marketing, purchasing and selling their goods independently at the Entrepreneur Fair. There is so much to learn about buying and selling a product, and from beginning to end, MUSE students love the process.  Some of our students have even continued to produce and sell their products independently long after the Entrepreneur Fair!