Our Green Campus

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  • Eco-features found on our Prime campus

    • Solar Panel Sun Flowers that offset between 75% and 90% of our daily usage
    • Classrooms designed to maximize natural light
    • Super-insulated and air-sealed construction for comfort and energy efficiency
    • Materials
    • Durable, polished slab floors and reclaimed wood floors, both for improved indoor air quality
    • Ceramic-based concrete countertops, free of toxin-containing Portland cement
    • Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic joint compounds, paints, primers and finishes, many made from natural materials
    • Single gallon, pressure assist toilets; waterless urinals; and wave control faucets
    • Multiple items upcycled into play areas or other functions throughout the campus
    • Systems
    • Efficient and healthy heating and cooling systems
    • Energy recovery ventilation systems with automated controls for introducing fresh air
    • Solar thermal and high efficiency hot water system
    • Whole building water filtration systems
  • What’s Eco-friendly on our Middle and High School Campus?

    • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Chemical) paint
    • Naturally lit classrooms
    • Bamboo flooring
    • Native plant landscaping
    • Xeroscaping instead of grass to dramatically reduce water consumption
  • Extending special thanks

    Thank you to our donors and sponsors for helping MUSE make our vision a reality!

    • Serious Windows (triple glazed windows)
    • AFM Safecoat (paints, primers and finishes)
    • AO Smith (water systems)