Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education fosters student self-efficacy — their belief in their ability to be successful — and the facilitation of student community through a variety of outdoor activities. These outdoor adventures provide students with opportunities to learn about themselves, their peers and the world around them in fun and challenging ways. 

The MUSE Outdoor Education encourages students to live consciously with:
  • Themselves, by overcoming challenges to discover just how much they are capable of and can accomplish
  • One Another by building and enhancing the classroom community
  • The Planet - Once you see the world, you’re inspired to save the world
The program's focus is to: 
  • Build community and strengthen group dynamics
  • Balance the Me & the We
  • Learn to be Open, Resourceful, and Persistent
  • allow students to recognize that they are capable of much more than they may think
Examples of Outdoor Education activites include camping on our campus, climbing our rockwalls, completing low and high ropes courses, hiking near and far trails, and camping throughout the state of California in parks such as Joshua Tree National Park and Yosemite National Park.