We believe that communication is a crucial key to academic – and personal - success. That’s why, for MUSE students, faculty, staff and families, MUSE offers extensive training in a communication tool known as the Process Communication Model (PCM®). Dr. Taibi Kahler, a developmental psychologist and advisor to Bill Clinton and NASA, created this language-based communications model. This tool helps teachers and parents know how to connect and effectively motivate their student or child.

PCM allows teachers to individually tailor academic content to each student so that every student is motivated to learn every day. Teachers support students whether they thrive working on their own or in large groups. Students are recognized as individuals based on whether facts, emotions, or challenges drive their progress. Happy and engaged students are motivated students.

PCM trainings at MUSE are open to all!

For more information, contact Melissa Pampanin at or (818) 880-5437