Jenny Briesch

She attended Pierce College before transferring to California Statue University at Northridge to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Upon graduation, she began providing in home respite and behavior therapy for children on the autism spectrum. Jenny discovered her love for teaching while providing behavior therapy in an elementary school setting. She was thrilled to join MUSE school in 2015 and cultivate her passion for teaching. When she began teaching at MUSE she was immediately drawn to the Process Communication Model. Her passion for Psychology aligned with PCM and she fell in love. Jenny believes that PCM is ground breaking in how we communicate with one another. As a base harmonizer phase rebel, she enjoys accessing all of her personality traits to help teach and communicate with her students. Jenny's goal is to become a PCM trainer in the future. Outside of teaching, she enjoys spending time with family, road trips, yoga, the beach, and running with her dogs Sam and Kona.