Admissions Timeline

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year, following a school tour, parent interview and student visit.

Application Deadlines:
· November 1st – Sibling Admissions application
· December 15th – Admissions application

Financial Aid Dates
· February 1st – Financial Aid applications due
· March 2nd – Financial Aid awards sent
· March 16th – Financial Aid response due

Parent Interviews and Student Visits
· January 9th – January 27th

The parent interview is 30 minutes long and is given by the applicable Director of the academic program. Student visits are generally held in the classroom grade of the student's current grade. During the visit, the student will have the opportunity to experience "A day in the life" of a student in the classroom at MUSE, in addition to a one-on-one student evaluation with the classroom teacher. The timeframe of the visit depends on the applying grade.

Notification Dates – NEW Students
· March 2nd – Admissions decisions emailed
· March 16th – Admissions response due