High School | 9-12

MUSE High School

MUSE infuses Passion Based Learning with Core Academics to create learning opportunities that are challenging, individualized and unique. At MUSE High, students play an important role in developing and driving their learning experience. Students’ academic experience is embedded in their project based work. This approach enables teachers to guide students as they make connections across academic disciplines that expand and enrich learning and understanding. MUSE’s interdisciplinary approach fosters opportunities to deeply explore and engage in the humanities, mathematics, science, and the arts.

Students engage in a range of learning activities that deepen their critical thinking skills by connecting learning to real world problem solving. Internships, dual enrollment in college courses, service learning activities, student exchange and independent study opportunities support the experiential learning program.

High School Requirements

Graduating students will complete the equivalent or more of the following subject areas:
  • English: A minimum of four years of English and one year of a literature elective.
  • Math: Four years of mathematics at the high school level, including geometry, algebra II, and advanced math elective.
  • Social Studies: Three years of history and social science.
  • World Languages: Two successive years of the same world language.
  • Science: Three years of laboratory science, including one year of a life science and the other a physical science.
  • Arts: One year of studio and one year of performing art.

Assessment, Standardized Testing and College Admission Exams

Through each individual student’s BLUEPRINT, MUSE teachers document learning. All students have options for formal, qualitative and quantitative assessments as they relate to progress, evaluation and college admission. Students meet with their advisor and a MUSE administrator to customize their needs for life after graduation.