Head of School's Welcome

Welcome to MUSE School CA!

At MUSE, we co-create the educational experience with students from Early Childhood through 12th Grade through a rich academic program that incorporates what they want to learn. Our students’ passions are the compass that guides their journey. When passions lead the way, we find that students light up about all of their learning.

Our students pursue their passions on two of the greenest campuses in the United States  in beautiful Malibu Canyon. MUSE’s commitment to sustainability is like no other. We use every opportunity to inspire our students to be stewards of the earth.

MUSE is also committed to developing the emotional intelligence of our students. By teaching self-efficacy  the belief in one’s ability to succeed  and by practicing effective communication skills through the Process Communication Model, MUSE students are well-positioned for living and working in the future.

Want to learn more? Visit our two campuses and see for yourself the innovative, vibrant place we call MUSE.

Jeff King
Head of School