Jeff King

Jeff is the architect of the MUSE Blueprint that has enabled 100 percent of MUSE high school graduates to be accepted by their university of choice. A Process Communication Model (“PCM”) Master Trainer, Jeff is a highly sought lecturer, trainer, and keynote speaker. Congruent with MUSE’s pillar of sustainability, Jeff also led the transition of MUSE School to be one of the first plant-based school in the world.
In 2008 during the economic downturn, Jeff envisioned and launched a start-up global advisory firm, Next Element, that has continued to thrive for over a decade. Jeff is also the co-author of "Beyond Drama:Transcending Energy Vampires". Daniel Pink, New York Times Best-selling author, says about the book, "Emotional skills are sometimes dismissed as “soft,” but this book ably demonstrates how vital they are to the health of groups large and small. Here is a handy guide to short-circuiting the energy suckers in your life, and rewriting the scripts that create unneeded drama.” Jeff holds a master's degree in Social Work from Newman University in Wichita, KS.