Elliot Washor

Twenty-one years ago, Elliot co-founded Big Picture Learning and the Met Center in Providence, RI, recognized by President Barack Obama many other international organizations as one of the most innovative high schools in the world; one which should serve as an example to any educator focusing their efforts on student-centered, real-world learning. Given the success of the Big Picture design in the United States, Elliot has been recruited to replicate its successes across the world and, to date, has helped form over over 100 Big Picture international schools in places like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Italy, Israel, The Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. He has also worked with states and districts to develop new designs for systems that include learning plans for every student that measure in and outside of school learning.

Beyond school design, Elliot has played a key role in designing and developing outside of school programs (such as Seed-To-Table and Makerspaces) —that are specifically designed to entwine head, heart, health and hand. Elliot has always held that the key to education—and really to humanity—is to have students and staff—and people in general—do things that matter to them and their communities.