The MUSE Fund

The MUSE Fund - 2019-2020

The MUSE Fund will focus on enhancing learning resources for our students and increasing faculty compensation and retention. We are an intentional community and have 100% support from all staff and board members.

Please check out the list below on why we've changed the Annual Fund to the MUSE Fund, and other pertinent information on charitable giving to MUSE School.

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  • Why did you change the name of the Annual Fund to the MUSE Fund?

    While the term “annual fund” is common within the private, independent school world, we felt the MUSE Fund better reflects the purpose behind this crucial source of fundraising, which makes up 10% of the School’s annual operating budget. The new name also helps distinguish the MUSE Fund from Annual Giving.
  • What’s the difference between the MUSE Fund and Annual Giving?

    The umbrella term Annual Giving applies to a range of giving methods that support the School’s annual operating budget. It includes the MUSE Fund and spring fundraising gala sponsorship/underwriting. While Annual Giving is also supported by donations made through  various purchases (including family nights, bake sales, boutiques, etc.), purchase-based contributions and in-kind gifts are generally not tax-deductible and are not part of the MUSE Fund.
  • Why does MUSE School ask for donations? Doesn’t tuition alone cover the School’s expenses?

    To put it easily, no. Tuition covers only 57% of our annual operating budget. If we were to raise tuition to cover the full cost of a MUSE education, our School wouldn't be accessible to all families. Instead, we ask our entire community to contribute to the MUSE Fund to the best of their abilities, giving more students the opportunity to reach their full potential and to live consciously with themselves, one another, and the planet.
  • Who should give to the MUSE Fund?

    All current MUSE parents are expected to support the MUSE Fund as generously and as comfortably every year. By prioritizing MUSE in your philanthropic giving, you demonstrate your commitment to your children, their classmates, as well as to the dedicated faculty and staff members who provide students with unparalleled guidance, instruction and care.

    We hope that alumni and parents of alumni look back fondly on MUSE School and choose to support today’s generation of students. We also encourage grandparents, friends, and faculty and staff to invest the education of our students.
  • Does MUSE accept matching gifts?

    Absolutely. MUSE School is grateful to the many corporations that support the School through generous matching gift programs. This kind of corporate support makes a significant contribution to MUSE as it can double or triple the size of your gift! Please check with your organization to see if they have a matching gift program. 


2019-2020 faculty and staff participation
Please contact Matt Cordish, Director of Advancement at for all inquires.

Thank You for Your Gift!

Thank you in advance for investing in MUSE’s mission to inspire and prepare young people to live consciously with themselves, one another and the planet and for making our community even stronger.

Give to the MUSE Fund now to keep these experiences rich and available to ALL MUSE students.

Thank you!