List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is MUSE’s age policy?

    For our Early Childhood program, your child must be 2.3 years old (2 years and 3 months old) and be toilet trained by the first day of school. For Kindergarten, your child must be at least 5 years old by September 1st.
  • Q: When should I apply?

    Early Childhood/Kindergarten
    Apply early, especially if you want to enroll your child in the Early Childhood Program and Kindergarten (popular programs for entering an independent school). We begin taking applications in the fall of the year prior to enrollment and also offer rolling admissions. As long as there is space available in the desired grade level, we are open to applications throughout the school year.

    Elementary/Middle/High School
    The Admissions Application deadline is December 15. We do consider applicants after that date for those grades that have openings for new students. Feel free to contact us for more information.
  • Q: How does MUSE make admission decisions?

    The MUSE Admissions Director and Admissions Committee, comprised of faculty and staff, come together to evaluate applicants based on a student interview and a parent interview.

Transportation and Food

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List of 2 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What are the initial fees?

    • Application: Non-Refundable $100 Application Fee
    • New student enrollment: $1,000 (one-time-only fee)
    • Deposit: $1,500 (applied toward total tuition)
    • Instructional materials: $500

    There are no added fees charged during the school year. Field trips, food (organic lunches and snacks), and school supplies are included in tuition. We do charge after-school care fees and enrichment programs for those who choose to use those services.
  • Q: Some schools tend to have costs outside of tuition. Is there help with these costs?

    Yes. We have some funds available to defray the full cost of additional, qualified expenses.


List of 4 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How much is tuition?

    2020-2021 Annual Tuition Costs:
    • Early Childhood Education - $22,855.00
    • Elementary (K-6th) - $29,335.00
    • Middle School (7th-8th) - $31,190.00
    • High School (9th-12th) - $34,660.00
  • Q: Does MUSE offer a tuition discount for siblings?

    No. However, if you have multiple children at MUSE you are welcome to apply for financial aid for each child. SSS recognizes tuition paid for all students in the same family as legitimate expenses. A family that might not qualify for assistance with one child may qualify when more than one child attends a tuition-charging school.
  • Q: Do I have to pay my tuition all at once?

    No. We have several payment options available and they are outlined in the enrollment contracts.
  • Q: How do I pay my tuition?

    We ask that all families use Smart Tuition to pay their tuition costs. When a family is accepted to MUSE and accepts their contract, information will be released on how to sign up on Smart Tuition.

Financial Aid

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  • Q: Will my child’s admission be affected if we apply for financial aid?

    No. The admissions and financial aid processes are separate. The Admissions Committee must first accept your child into the program. After that, the Financial Aid Committee determines whether you receive an award for the coming academic year and how much it will be.
  • Q: What determines whether or not a student qualifies for financial aid?

    All financial aid awards are based on financial need. Financial aid awards are computed individually based on recommendations from SSS. SSS uses a uniform methodology in which a family’s unique financial circumstances are assessed in a consistent manner. Keep in mind, financial aid is not determined solely by income; other factors including assets, debts, goodness of fit and additional children in tuition-charging schools, are also considered.
  • Q: Do all financial aid awards cover the full cost of tuition?

    No. The Financial Aid Committee makes financial aid decisions based on each family‘s ability to contribute to an independent education. All families are expected to contribute toward their child’s educational expenses.
  • Q: When will I hear about a financial aid decision?

    Upon submitting your completed financial aid application, an award decision can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. Please note that if your form is not fully completed and / or missing required documents this will delay the award decision.
  • Q: After receiving an award, do I have to reapply for financial aid each year?

    Yes. All financial aid recipients must reapply each year for financial aid. That said, MUSE is committed to supporting current financial aid families who qualify for aid in subsequent years. The amounts awarded each year may increase, decrease or remain the same depending on family financial circumstances in that year.
  • Q: How do I apply for financial aid if I’m separated or divorced?

    We request complete financial information from both biological parents. Each parent sends separate PFS forms and all accompanying materials to MUSE. All adults (step-parents, significant others, partners, grandparents, etc.) contributing to household income are also required to disclose financial information. The Financial Aid Committee takes into consideration the total contribution of all households and the number of adults contributing to each household. The award is granted to the student not the parents and SSS makes recommendations for contribution from each household.
  • Q: Do I have to pay back financial aid?

    No. We award aid in the form of a grant, not a loan. It does not need to be repaid.