Process Communication Model (PCM)

Are you looking for a way to better understand what makes you tick? Or what motivates other people? Or why you seem to struggle to communicate with some people and not others? Taking a Process Communication Model Workshop at MUSE will offer insights into your own personality and help you connect with others. 
Created by Dr Taibi Kahler, the Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the world’s premier tool that is based on human behavior. It enables the user of PCM to understand how and why people communicate and provides a reliable and validated method of identifying and understanding personality structures. Since the 1970’s, the scope of application of PCM has grown extensively. Today, PCM is used by businesses and government agencies throughout the world as, among other things, a management, selection, placement and motivation methodology.

Suzy Amis Cameron, Founder of MUSE School

PCM is an amazing tool that facilitates the ability to communicate, create a connection and quickly get to a level of intimacy.

Former President Bill Clinton

Taibi Kahler is a genius. He knows more about personality dynamics than anyone I know in the world.
Today, over one million people, from astronauts to entrepreneurs to private individuals have put these distinctions to work for themselves. Find out for yourself just how you can gain greater success and connection, even with that difficult person.


Intro to PCM

Welcome to PCM

PCM Branding

Jeff King & The Young Turks

Rebecca Amis at TEDx Talks

Rebecca Rogers, MUSE School Parent

PCM is excitingly accurate and now an essential set of tools for our family to communicate efficiently and eliminate drama.

Reaching and Teaching All Personalities Within the Classroom

5 MUSE School teachers co-authored "Reaching and Teaching All Personalities Within the Classroom" - a journal on the personality types of students that a teacher can face in the classroom.

Please read about it here

PCM Workshop Schedule

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  • July 2019

    • PCM Core- July 22-24; 9am to 5pm led by Michelle & Jenny
    • Advanced PCM- July 25 & 26; 9am to 5pm led by Suzanne and KP
  • September 2019

    • Intro PCM, September 23rd; 9am to 3pm 
  • October 2019

    • Intro PCM, October 7th; 9am to 3pm
    • Self Efficacy, October 8th; 9am to 12pm
    • PCM Core, October 28th - 30th; 9am to 4pm - POSTPONED
  • November 2019

    • Advanced PCM, November 5th-6th; 9am-4pm - POSTPONED
    • Intro PCM, November 18th; 9am to 3pm
  • December 2019

    • PCM Core, December 2nd - 4th; 9am-4pm
  • January 2020

    • Advanced PCM, January 13-14th; 9am to 5pm
  • February 2020

    • Intro PCM, February 10th; 9am to 3pm
    • Self Efficacy, February 11th; 9am to 12pm
  • April 2020

    • PCM Core, April 13 - 14th; 9am to 4pm CANCELLED
  • May 2020

    • Advanced PCM, May 14 - 15th; 9am to 5pm

Linda and Byron Field, MUSE School Parents

In a word...EUREKA!!! I know our experience may sound exaggerated to some - given the short time frame of Intro PCM - but we genuinely walked away feeling relieved/excited that we finally have a solution to some of the communications problems and stress we've been creating in our family or our whole lives for that matter. In fact, I'd be stunned if this didn't resonate for most and encourage anyone who's seeking self-improvement and happiness to at least explore it. What's more, it feels good experiencing first hand, what your kids benefit from because every single one of the teachers are required to train in the PCM model to ensure our children's needs are being met to help them have the greatest opportunity for growth.