Suzy Amis Cameron

A noted environmental leader, business pioneer, mom of five and new grandma, Suzy Amis Cameron is committed to caring for our wild, living Earth, with an emphasis on plant-based food  to address climate change. She is the author of The OMD Plan: Swap One Meal a Day to Save your Health and Save the Planet (Simon & Schuster/Atria) and the founder of the OMD Movement, dedicated to transforming eating habits and expanding access to healthy, climate-friendly food for all. In 2005, she founded MUSE School CA, with her sister, Rebecca Amis. MUSE is the first school in the country to be 100% solar powered, zero waste, and with a 100% organic, plant-based lunch program. Based on MUSE’s values and curriculum, MUSE Global was launched in 2018 to franchise the school worldwide. Additionally, she is a founder of the plant-based ventures, Verdient Foods, Cameron Family Farms, Food Forest Organics and Plant Power Task Force, with her husband, James Cameron. In 2009, she launched Red Carpet Green Dress, a global sustainable fashion campaign showcasing environmentally responsible fashions on the red carpet in partnership with The Oscars. RCGD also co-creates sustainable garments with luxury international fashion brands. Suzy is also an Executive Producer of The Game Changers, a documentary on world-class plant-based athletes. As an actor she was featured in more than 25 films, including The Usual Suspects and Titanic.

Rebecca Amis

Rebecca Amis, the Chief Innovation Officer of MUSE Global, LLC, incites discovery, inspires change, and facilitates cross-pollination of bold ideas. As Co-founder of MUSE School CA in 2006, she articulated the core values of this educational platform. As President and Advisory Board Chair of MUSE for more than a decade, she has continually overseen the growth and development of the organization that is now comprised of more than 200 students and 50 faculty/staff. She brings important skills and insights into student-centered curriculum, psychology, parent-child relations, socio-emotional development, and process communication. As a master trainer in the Process Communication Model (PCM), she instills this approach at MUSE with the faculty, students and families to bring forth a more conscious level for listening and sharing. Many leaders in education have noted that MUSE students exhibit extraordinary self-efficacy during their culmination process. Rebecca is currently originating the MUSE Global Model to make it accessible to communities both domestically and internationally.
A former college instructor in the behavioral sciences and liberal studies, she has worked in a variety of federally and privately-funded child and family programs including being the founder a Reggio-inspired school in the Midwest. Rebecca inspires all who know her to follow their true passion, and she is listening to her muses as she is writing her first novel. Rebecca’s education includes a BA in Psychology from Bard College and an MS in Child and Family Studies from the University of Tennessee. Rebecca lives in Southern California with her husband, Jeff King. 

Suzy Amis Cameron

MUSE is a fantastic school for the creative and independent thinking child. The teachers developed the students at extraordinary levels which traditional schools could never achieve...